1. make reading a habit. read anything—i can’t stress how much important it is as i’ve make many friends out of my knowledge of small bits of information, they connect you to people.2. learn proper writing. again, this lands you jobs, friends, and a sensitive linguistic sense. you’ll never see your days as the same again.3. learn as much things outside your interest as much as you can. musical instruments, extreme sports, crafting, anything. they get you to new circles; and even give you new hobbies.4. stay busy. search for jobs, interns, committees, and organizations. you need to learn how to feed yourself and be independent as early as possible; as you are not rich, nor wealthy—your parents are.5. follow what you love with all your heart. then the rest of the benefits will follow through. just believe that it’ll give back to you someday. and it will, i promise you.6. all is fair in love and war. what you despised yesterday, might be what you’ll do tomorrow. be cold headed when it comes to relationships. but prioritize friends before your love interests. never break years of friendship for someone you’ve only just met.7. and even though links between people get strained, true friends are the ones that always understand, forgive, and be there for you. for whatever you did. so protect these kind of friends like you never have one before.8. success is the best revenge. stay busy. there’s more to life than just romance. be very good at something and take credits for it.9. still, however busy you are, always make time for your family. they’re the ones left when you’ve got nothing at all.10. retreat to yourself every once in a while. this helps you realize whether you want to be in a relationship or not—only go into a relationship when you’ve reached contentment being alone; this assures you that you really love the person, not because you just can’t cope with loneliness.11. be faithful to what you believe, but never shove it down people’s throat. respect their faiths.12. do not play with fire and razors. this is to be understood literally and metaphorically. respect the universe, nature, and the spirits. they exist before we do. the chaos theory—or in a more popular term, karma, exists.13. learn how to read people. this helps you so fucking much on interactions. when having a conversation with people, keep them talking. listen sincerely; it’s in human nature that we want to be heard. stay interested in them.14. save up fund for ‘interesting people’—when you meet one, use that money to do activities with them. this helps the odds that you’ll always meet one.15. when you know that someone is lying, don’t confront them right away in front of other people. but tell them personally, let them save face. they’ll owe you—and in some way would give back to you.16. train your visual creativity. when listening to a song, imagine what it’s like if you were to direct that music video. this makes you an interesting person to talk to.17. you can always make a change to your surroundings. if you think that it’s impossible, imagine how irritating it’d be if an ant run free on your skin.18. don’t judge people by their buying power and their vulnerability of making mistakes. judge them by their productivity to create and how they fix mistakes.19. look good, and take care of yourself. know the things that match you well. if we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, then it would take away the point of having a cover.20. embrace your fears. don’t get rid of it—make it your driving force, your motives. a strong person is someone who already befriended their fears.
sometimes you win; sometimes, you learn.i’m getting closer to 10:24.

Aku tak mengerti perbedaan, maka ajari diriku untuk pahamUntuk melihat pola kehidupan, pola… kematian.
Lelah kupingku mendengar-dengar yang benar,Yang mendoktrin mana yang salah dan mana yang benar,Yang minta didengar, karena merasa Ia benar.
Sumpah terhadap Tuhanmu dan Tuhanku,Cintaku sejernih air wudhu.Baptis aku dengan kasihmu,Aku sayang kamu.
Adzan ini tak selantang, gema rinduku padamu!Dupa ini tak sekuat, aroma kasihmu, padaku.
Belum pernah kurasa begitu ingin, untuk memecah disiplin diriku.Belum sebelum ku belum-belum-belum-belum-belum mengenalmu.
Sumpah terhadap Tuhanmu dan Tuhanku,Cintaku sejernih air wudhu.Baptis aku dengan kasihmu,Aku sayang kamu.
Adzan ini tak selantang, gema rinduku padamu!Dupa ini tak sekuat, aroma kasihmu, padaku.
"I want to marry your daughter, not your family."

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do you ever wonder if someone’s like secretly in love with you

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